Friday, July 11, 2008

Business Agility and Business Driven EA Domain Models

For my presentation on the topic of SOA and Business Agility at the IC - local chapter event last month I had refined slightly the Business Agility Domain Model. The pdf version of slides on the domain model are available here and is based on my original blog on Defining and Measuring Business Agility. I have been planning for a long time to develop a spread sheet that goes along with - maybe someday I shall get to it.

Over the last few months I have helping my customers understand the role and importance of Enterprise Architecture and came up with this EA domain model (also referred to as the "circle of happiness" by one of my potential customer :) ).

The Business Driven Enterprise Architecture consists of the following domains:
  • Business Architecture (or Business Design)
  • Competency Center -Check out this SOA Podcast on SOA COE by Melvin Geer published by the SOA Consortium.
  • Enterprise Architecture - check out all my blogs on this topic
  • Governance - Corporate, IT, Enterprise Architecture, SOA and so on (whatever makes sense)
  • Life cycle management includes all life cycles such as Program Management, Project (application) Life cycle, SOA Life cycle and Services Life cycle
  • Finally - Environment Industrialization. We came up with this term at BEA-IT to ensure consistent systems environment through out the application life cycle. Systems environment included networks, firewalls, OS (versions and patches), servers, data centers and disaster recover sites for all environments from development to production.
Hope this was helpful and as always As always do feel free to drop me line with your comments and/or feedback.

- Yogish
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