Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Direction for the SOA Wave

The Fourth Wave Barreling In

The impact of SOA, the fourth wave of enterprise IT, has gone way beyond the early adopters. Leading research reports show that the vast majority of CIOs and CTOs have formally explored, and in many cases begun implementing, pilot initiatives. Recent surveys conducted by InfoWorld, Yankee Group, Webservices.org and others show that over 75% of CIOs have investigated and are planning SOA investments in the next 12 to 18 months.

Despite the growing enthusiasm, SOA lacks many of the shared experiences, artifacts and patterns required for widespread and reliable IT adoption. Moreover, without a common language and industry blueprints, this wave, which promises benefits of intra- and inter-enterprise services reuse as well as process interoperability, will dissipate and eventually fizzle – ultimately only adding more custom logic and methodologies to the IT legacy. Directing the SOA wave so that it can live up to its potential requires user community leadership.

Read more about this at http://dev.bea.com/arch2arch/soa_wave.jsp

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