Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ideal IT organization structure for (SOA) enabling Business Agility

Based on some of the conversations with my peers as well as reading about the transformations happening in the IT organizations - following is an overview of an ideal IT Organization. This is more at a functional level and the reporting organization would be specific to their own business models, culture and of-course politics. Additional details are available here.

- Yogish


Ashok Kumar said...

Excellent classification of various roles. I have also seen a Business Relationship Manager as a role within the Business Alignment category. Sometimes this role is no more than an "Order Taker" from business. I think it will be good to put some details behind this role.

Ashok Kumar

Robert Morschel said...

I think a key element is to have an initial service development team, which can decided the key standards and processes in an agile manner before releasing this into the wild.


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