Monday, December 17, 2007

SOA Consortium: Keynote by Amit Sinha (plus 2nd day comments)

Amit Sinha, VP Portfolio Marking from SAP presented the key note on the second day of the SOA Consortium face to face meeting held last week at Burlingame, CA. The topic he presented was on Business Network Transformation and following are some highlights from his presentation:

Most of these observations were based on the survey of over 175 CIOs globally. The trend has been that IT organizations are transformation themselves from Operational Excellence to Business Agility which in tech speak would be from Integrated Enterprises to Business Networks. Instead of developing solution based on the "Built to Last", the IT solutions now being considered (funded) are being "Built to Adapt".

Following are the top three approaches adopted by the various IT Organizations:

  1. Managing Relationship (Single view of the customer, customer focused solutions, etc.). 23% of those surveyed adopted this approach which resulted in approximately 7x growth / year
  2. Cost Containment (IT operational excellence, Off-shoring, BPO, etc.) 23% and the results are well know in the industry
  3. Business Process Innovation (change the business model) 14% surveyed are adopting this approach and are consistently observing 2x the growth compared to the industry

In short - SOA is actually a catalyst for Innovation.

Following the key note we spent the rest of the day discussing the SOA Planning Framework, SOA Center Of Excellence as well SOA Skill sets required. One consistent theme throughout was that there is a desperate need of people with excellent Business breadth and deep technology skills - also referred to as the T shared person by Sandy Carter (IBM).

An observation while reviewing the EA 2010 presentation:

Improving IT Efficiency: 2% improvement to the margin

Going through Business Transformation: 8% improvement to the margin

Adopting SOA that facilities both Business and IT transformation: 20% improvement to the margin

Having an Enterprise Architecture team with both Business and Technology Architecture Skills: Priceless

- Yogish

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