Sunday, December 09, 2007

SOA Consortium – Ground Floor SOA – Recap for 07

The most significant progress we on the SOA Consortium Working Group of "Executing Business Driven SOA" have made in the past year was in the definition of the SOA Planning Framework. Efforts undertaken as part of the SOA Planning Framework track will include classification and logical grouping of the collective body of work done thus far by the Strategy 2 working group; thereby allowing us to deliver a single document that can be used as a reference by anyone who embarks on the path to SOA-enable their enterprise. This includes work done under the headings of “SOA Readiness Assessment”, “SOA Opportunity Identification” and “High Level People, Process and Tools” matrix. All of this material will find a home in the various sub-components of the SOA Planning Framework. Once completed the SOA Planning Framework will be one of the most comprehensive guidelines for those looking to implement SOA.

The other key benefit of the SOA Planning Framework deliverable is that it allows an enterprise to start on one or more of these components without forcing it into having to define all components prior to getting started on the SOA Roadmap. This is where the SOA Planning Framework differs from that of a rigid SOA methodology - in that it is a loosely-woven collection of SOA enabling constructs.

Again, I would like to thank you of the members of Strategy 2 for your participation and invaluable input. I look forward to a very productive upcoming year.

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