Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Practitioners Opinion on the Role of a CTO

These days there are a lot of discussions on the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), especially as large and small organizations are planning to leverage Information Technology in a strategic manner. As technology is changing at a very rapid pace, enterprises now have a unique ability to leverage them for providing innovative solution to leapfrog their competition. As the role of the CTO is relatively new, there are various roles CTOs play in an organization resulting in many senior executives expressing confusion about what is and should be the exact role of the CTO.

The objective of this Opinion paper to briefly describe my views on the role of the Chief Technology Officer and is roughly based on the white paper Role of the CTO: Four Models for Success by Tom Berray (Primary Author) and Raj Sampath (Secondary Author). Unlike their white paper in 2002 where they categories the CTO’s into four categories, my opinion is that in this current age CTOs need to have all these attributes.

Please click hear for the Opinion Paper.

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