Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Invitation to joing the Strategic Use of IT (SUIT) Group

The SOA Practitioners first time got together in August 2005 to share out best practices, key learnings, organizations and governance approaches to Services-Oriented Architecture. Even though SOA is the current hype, the SOA Practitioners believe that the basic principles of this architecture approach will last with the primary objective being the Strategic Use of Information Technology (SUIT). In order to facilitate collaboration between the various teams we have established an Linked In group and leveraging Google Apps to facilitate collaboration among the practitioners.

All Business and IT Practitioners are invited to join the SUIT Group on LinkedIn. Joining this group will allow you to find and contact other SUIT members on LinkedIn as well collaborate using the Google Apps and Sites (Wiki). The goal of this group is to help members:
  • Network with other SUIT Practitioners
  • Share out best practices, key learning, bounce ideas, etc.
  • Collaborate using Google Apps & Sites
Click here for details on how to join this group.
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