Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SOA Practitioners Opinion on Business Architecture

As Enterprises are starting to adopt Services-Oriented Architecture, they are currently in the process of transforming both their Business and IT organizations. In this context there has been a discussion on the topic of Business Architecture with a basic consensus that Business architecture is the link between business and technology (or IT) but there isn’t any clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of this position. Nor is there clear descriptions of the practical aspects of what exactly are the Business Architect’s activities and how should enterprises get started with this function. The objective of this paper to help clarify these points from a practitioner’s point of view as well as help organization kick-start the Business Architecture function.

Table of Contents:

Industry Context
Enterprise Value Discipline
How Organizations Learn

Introduction to Business Architecture
Business Architecture Defined
Business Architecture Responsibilities

Getting Started with Business Architecture
Adopting Services-Oriented Architecture
Business Driven SOA Planning Framework
Business Architecture Governance
Enterprise Architecture Governance
Enterprise Architecture Organization Structure

Proven Approach to Business Architecture Blueprinting
Developing the Business Architecture Blueprint


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