Monday, October 29, 2007

Key Learnings - Profile of a Business Service

My experience has led to the creation of the following service based postulates. These were applied by me on major retail SOA projects.

You can find these and other laws posted on the SOA Blueprint site.

  1. A service should expose a single business function or business process in it’s' entirety
  2. A service should not make assumptions of the validity of the request and should validate the request for accuracy including checking that the requestor is authorized properly prior to honoring the call
  3. A service should delegate to the right enterprise resources to completethe business function
  4. A service should be responsible for notifying and dispatching the right requests/ information to all related services and/or applications on behalf of the requestor
  5. A service should be responsible for any call chaining, sequencing and aggregating of the requests and the intermediate responses in order to completely process the consumer’s original call
  6. A service should provide business information as a canonical documentthat is consumable by both human actors and system actors
  7. A service should return a response that has the business context built in along with the response to the question asked by the requestor
  8. A service should rely on enterprise worthy metadata information including the application of any algorithms, enterprise-wide business rules and strategies in order to process the requestors' call

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- surekha -

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