SOA is not.....

Looks like there is a contant need to educate the industry on SOA and this time I shall take a stab at what SOA is not....

  1. SOA is not about technology
  2. Web Services is not SOA
  3. SOA is not dead - it has the same symptoms as global warming (too much pollution in the air)
  4. SOA is not defined as "A camel is a horse desinged by a committee"
  5. It is not a case of Chicken (Business Architecture) and the egg (SOA)
  6. SOA is not entirely about reuse
  7. SOA is not expensive - it follows Archimede's Priciples :)
  8. SOA is not a product or a platform
  9. SOA is not about registry & repository
  10. SOA does not start with a big bang

Just my thoughts and please do feel free to drop me line with your comments and/or feedback.



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