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Should Architects aspire to be Product Managers?

One of the interesting trends I am observing is that Architectures aspiring to be Product Managers. Have recently come across multiple PM who were architects and have also been approached my a few who are interested in becoming one.
Following are my thoughts on when Architects should consider PM as their career path.A true Business Architect with the ability to map the technology strategy to align with the Business StrategyGood understanding and hopefully first hand experience interacting with the real customer (not the business units)Good understanding of revenue and business modelPassionate and believe about the role of the products in the customers life (whatever they are using the product for)Ability to influence cross-functional team and get everyone passionate and focused on the productWilling to change course mid-stream based on customer/market feedbackAbility to ride up and down the market roller coaster Ability to keep singularly focused on an single product/portfolio
Do not t…