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Key Learnings: Overcoming IT obstacle

I used to get offended whenever anyone stated that IT was an obstacle for Business, most probably because of I have been part of IT twice in my career. After giving this some thought following are some of the approaches IT could take to overcome this perception.

Business and LOB-IT agree to adopt agile, i.e. a small joint team of IT and business to rapidly deploy applications. IT Operations object and demand that the team follow the traditional application life cycle (at least for the releases) so that they can meet the business SLAs.
This may make sense for transactional systems that are business critical - but then again, if managed right even such applications could be deployed using the agile approach. One potential approach would be to provide a dedicated set of environment (including in production) and/or include IT operations in the agile team. This enables them to rapidly deploy new capabilities every few week.A small business team developed or procured an applications which s…