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Key Learnings: IT led runaway projects

A scenario where Business has approved a large IT project with the timeline keep moving out with no end in sight.

This is a case where even though Business is really interested in deploying the next generation Information Systems/Applications but IT is unable to deliver resulting into a runaway project

Best Practices:
Set clear objectives at the beginning of the projectEngage System Integrator to capture business process and/or requirementsIT Architecture team is responsible for the high-level design, estimation and architecture standardsProgram Management Office (PMO) responsible for ensuring project governanceSystem Integrator engaged for developing the solution, especially for packaged applications (not a core competence of IT departments)Engage vendors for periodic review and recommendationsSymptoms:Following are some of the symptoms of a potential runaway project.
One System Integrator selected for capturing business process/requirements and other for developmentRequirements handed …

Key Learnings: Business driven runaway projects

A scenario where cash rich LOB continues to invest and drive projects with no foreseeable return on investment.

Typically in all major corporation there is at least one major Line of Business that is cash rich, i.e. this business unit tends to exceed their revenue forecast and is looking for ways to spend money during the last two weeks of quarter/financial year.

Best Practices:
LOB should invest on Projects that is beneficial to both their business unit as well as the EnterpriseThe "IT-Board of Directors", which includes the cash rich LOB - decides which projects get funded Business and IT need to jointly develop an ROI before embarking on any large projectsLOB-IT should make technology decisions in collaboration with the CIO-Staff and the EA teamsEngage Business Consultants or Systems Integrator to provide business and technical advice/best practices Symptoms:Following are some of the symptoms of a potential runaway project.LOB sponsors the project but not willing to wait for…

Battle of the Js: Jaxtr, Jangl, and JaJah

I found an intersting post on Battle of the Js: Jaxtr, Jangl, and JaJah. Once GrandCentral (Google) opens up - I do plan to play with it to determine whether I stick with Jaxtr.