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SOA Stakeholders

Indentify the SOA stakeholders for crafting the right message tothem.

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The consistent feedback I have been receiving over the past few months is requesting for a consistent definition of SOA. The messaging shall wary based on the target audience and is key to getting buyin to adopt SOA enterprisewide.
I shall attempt to identify the key SOA stakeholders and shall post the proposed messaging is the subsequent blogs.

IT "Board of Directors" Just like every organizations has a Board of Directors, IT needs one too. Typically this function is performed by some key executives or by their representatives. The Board's objective is to set direction, approve initiatives/projects, resolve conflicts, etc. Some organizations refer to these boards as ISSC (IS Steering Committe), ITRB (IT Review Board), etc.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Head of the IT organization - responsible for all aspec…