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Defining SOA

Service Oriented Architecture means different things to different folks. To an IT Architect, it means the overall enterprise archtiecture definition and process that enables IT to develop and deploy business capability rapidly. To the LOB-IT liaisons it means the governance, organization and the process for project/program management. For them SOA means defining the various business bulding blocks that could potentially be reused which shall help them reduce cost. And finally for the CIO - SOA is basically the IT Strategy for delivering business capability.

The Architect shall refer to vendor site such as BEA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc. for product informatiion and sites such as The Server Side, W3C, JavaSoft, OASIS, etc. for standards or technical information. The LOB-IT and CIO's would typically attend some CIO Forums or subscribe to some very specific journals, articles etc. made specifically for them by vendors or analysts.

Again - everyone is looking at SOA from their p…