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SOA Practitioners Guide

A few early adopters of SOA met last year back (August 2005) and agreed to establish an SOA community. This community was prelaunced at the Global Integration Summit (GIS) with the following proposed objectives. Get agreement on terminology for discussing SOA. Influence and deliver requirements to Standards Organizations and Vendors Provide education and rich understanding: Articulate & Promote Business Value Capture Disseminate Success Stories, Best/Worst Practices Offer templates, tool and methodology to ensure investment success The same early adopters did publish the SOA Reference Architecture at the same event and continued working on documenting SOA best practice. As the SOA communitly was has not yet been formally launced early SOA adopters agreed to publish these best practices as SOA Practitioners Guides and are also available at my structured blog.
SOA Practitioners Guide (Abstract):

SOA is relatively new, so companies seeking to implement it cannot tap into a wealth of pr…

SOA Stakeholders

The industry as a whole has been attempting to define Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). The definition of SOA may wary based on the responsibility of the individual. It is therefore necessary to understand the responsibilities of the stakeholders before defining SOA. The following link to the document is an attempting at identifying the various stakeholders.

Enterprise Architects - Roles and Responsibilities

As companies are starting to adopt SOA, one of the questions they keep attempting to answere is "what are the roles and responsibilities?" of an enterprise architect. My thoughts on the role of an enterprise archtiect are available at

Return of my Blogs

I started blogging early last year, initially by blogging at this site and later at the site provided by my employer. I soon realised that unstructured blogging is not for me, especially as I prefer to make my case in a structured fashion. At my structured blog (it is technically still unstructured data - organized in a way it makes sense to me). I have been planning to roll this out since last year and finally reached a decent starting point. I shall keep adding new content and post the description at this blog for reference.